Feb 20, 2013

State of Artemis? Back to the Drawing Board

As always good video from Artemis, this time on being quite honest and realistic on their performance against Oracle past week. We said here the difference was huge, and many others pointed out on the webcam, Webb twits and other sources.
It is true you don´t know your capabilities until you match against other boat, but Artemis design head went for a concept that failed, and I it has to do more with their competition going farther on the foiling  level.
This status quo reinforce the fact on how advanced ETNZ is right now, beyond some saying Oracle being lighter & having the advantage of low aero drag, it is clear that New Zealand nailed the foiling concept on their first try, and been fine tuning since then.

Artemis has a long way to go, but they have lots of talented people, although some left the design camp  past months. The good news is  Oracle modified their straight L boards copying ETNZ and went flying in an impressive way.

So now Artemis can focus on improving their competition concept, not an easy thing to do at this stage, but feasible as they have the resources. Hope they can get going again quickly to have a good competitive LV Cup.

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