Nov 12, 2018

A-Class Australian Nats 2018: Day 1 report by Ben Hall

All images taken by Ben Hall , click pics for slidehow and orig size. - Report & pics by living Legend Ben Hall (aka The Admiral) and sent by US Class Assoc. Recognition to the US A-AClass Assoc as they were indeed the first implementing the now called "Classic" rankings in the US. Nowadays the IACA has officially adopted the two fleet concept and they are even getting separate fleets courses within same event.

Text and photos descriptions by Ben Hall:
-First pic above: The Admiral with two of the sponsors who have adopted USA 99 as there “boat to follow”. Good idea for Emmanuel for 2020 as this has given the sponsors a chance to be more involved. Great guys...hope I can do them proud
-2nd: Mischa with new DNA foils
-3rd: Red A is Classic flag. Black is foilers.
-4th : Benny Hooper putting on Worlds 2020 sticker
-5th pic: Matt Keenan pulling off old stickers...ready for bow numbers. Matt is sailing Mike Krantz’s Foiler. Mike will be sailing Emmanuel’s new Exploder Classic...musical boats

-Exploder custom TNZ rudders setup: "ETNZ rudder adjustment system...not as trick as DNA but has ability to set angle of attacks for lift and downforce for upwind foiling. Glenn, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke using this system. It was like monster garage watching them blast through this mod.

-Glenn polishing the Exploder D3
-Last: Brucie fitting rudders on DNA (Glenn’s boat but Bruce sailing it)

First day for the 2018/19 Australian Nats : 
Shortly after the flags shot the AP flag went up and never came down. Too much wind...gusts to 28 special briefing outlined tomorrow’s schedule.

Classics will start at 9:30 and have 3 races ( and an option for 2 laps). After Classics finish the Foilers will have 3 races on the same course. Reason for sailing on the more inshore course is that the wind and seas are lower. Wind tomorrow is close to the same as today so hopefully we can get some racing in!!

Lots of great banter in the boat park about foils, rudders, Classic rule, sails and masts.
A lot of positive vibes on the general health of the class...lots of new young sailors.

We in the US have definitely lead the way in the Classic division. Europe is slowly catching on. Exploder has made a nice Classic and now DNA will make a Classic model which will use many of the same components as their slick foiler but with much simpler systems to keep the cost down.

Hopefully have a racing report tomorrow.
Cheers from Oz
The Admiral

Route du Rhum 2018: Joyon snatches record-setting victory from Gabart

DNA Performance Sailing appoints Mischa Heemskerk as Director

Info sent by DNA: ----------------
Performance Sailing appoints Mischa Heemskerk as Director.
Lelystad, The Netherlands: November 12th, 2018

For immediate release.
DNA Performance Sailing (DNA) is happy to announce Mischa Heemskerk as the new Director of the company.

Mischa Heemskerk is a three-time World Champion, multiple vice-world Champion foiling multihull sailor. He’s been part of the DNA family for years, not only as a sailor, but also as a DNA Development Engineer. Mischa has contributed to several of DNA’s major development projects including the TF-10, G4, F4, F1x foiling multihulls. Mischa will report to Bastiaan van Nunen.

Bastiaan van Nunen, Managing Director of Holland Composites commented: “We are fortunate to have someone of Mischa Heemskerk’s caliber and experience step up to lead DNA Performance Sailing. He’s a very experienced sailor and gifted engineer with a strong imagination. He is action driven, a team player, values ideas and sees positivity in all. A real mechanical engineer who can work and think in materials, design, build and instantly relate this to race course situations. The perfect combination of skills needed to take DNA Performance Sailing to the next level”.

Heemskerk said: “I am honored and excited to lead DNA. We believe that the world of boating is changing due to the foiling revolution. Our mission is to make foiling available for every one. I am looking forward to working with the whole DNA team as the company enters its next chapter of expanded product innovation and growth”.

Nov 9, 2018

AC36: Team American Magic launches "The Mule"

Source Team American Magic. Akthough quite an awkward and complicated solution these foiling monos look such a weapon when flying , super smooth. Spare the whirpool capsizes we saw from INEOS UK proto, hope development can solve those problems for the AC75s.

Still the new Americas Cup monohull machine relies heavily on expanding its righting moment outside its own monohull, just trying to mimic multihulls wide platform features & intrinsic advantage.

Above American Magic's proto. 90 degrees main wings for the foils towards their own "mast"/or foil vertical blade arm. Fastest conf you can get and the team is surely delegating control to the new available and permitted systems.

Our friends from D3 Applied Technologies are part of this AC project.

Nacra 15 "FCS" Foiling Version launched

Press release sent  by Bob Hensen / Nacra . Click images for bigger size.
The evolution of Nacra 15
Now offering multiple sailor led options for high performance multihull sailing

In 2015, the Nacra 15 was designed from scratch primarily to the World Sailing criteria to become the official Youth Multihull. The fast growing Nacra 15 Class in its C-foil (curved dagger boards) configuration has become an on-going and integral fleet of the Youth Sailing World Championships and uniquely the Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15, offering high performance, super competitive racing with speeds up to 20 knots and beyond. A performer in its own right, the Nacra 15 is also a smaller version of the original Olympic Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull, creating a true Olympic pathway.

Boys and girls working hard to represent their home countries can live their dreams at the World Sailing Youth Sailing Championships and Youth Olympic Games. Equipment supplied events organized at the coolest world venues, all possible while Nacra Sailing will supply and support their provided Nacra 15.
Importantly, the Nacra 15 is not only about international racing and making new friends around the world, it’s also about having fun locally whilst just enjoying the thrill of teenage performance sailing. Giving our young athletes a great, healthy and varied foundation in life’s skills.

Now, on top of all this, Nacra Sailing is announcing the all new Nacra 15 FCS (Flight Control System) and the singlehanded Nacra 15 FCS ONE (which will be appealing not only to youth, by the way). First deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of 2019.

Nacra 15 FCS:
Following the evolution of the Olympic Nacra 17 Class, Nacra Sailing introduces the full foiling Nacra 15 FCS multihull. Nacra 15 FCS will be offering the ultimate sailing experience.
Sail plan is the same as the original Nacra 15, with just the FCS foiling package being ‘plug and play’ as part of a new boat package or an additional option for existing Nacra 15 owners.
Nacra Sailing is dedicated to maximize safety in multihull sailing and especially when considering our youth. Our sport is evolving and we are innovating with that development. Nacra Sailing worked in tight partnership with leading design house Morrelli & Melvin on a new design of a L-rudder, including kick-up system. Additionally, sailing garment manufacturers are also making big steps towards ever improving impact protection accessories providing a far safer, more robust ‘high performance’ sailing experience.

Nacra 15 FCS ONE:
Answering the increasing popularity of single-handed sailing, Nacra Sailing is proud to present the Nacra 15 FCS ONE, a full foiling, single-handed version of Nacra 15 FCS. The key difference is the sail configuration including a super efficient deck sweeper main sail, without jib. Single-handed sailing is independent, can be highly competitive, but fundamentally is so much fun. Beautifully illustrated by the growth of international classes, the N15 FCS ONE offers a versatile, robust single-handed performance.

Nacra 15 FCS prices starting at €17.750 ex vat, ex works
Nacra 15 FCS specifications
Boat length: 4.70 m/15.4 ft
Boat width: 2.35m/7.7 ft
Mast length: 8.10 m/26.5 ft
Area mainsail: 13.6 m2/146 sqft
Area jib: 3.3 m2/36 sqft
Area spi: 16.5 m2/177.6 sqft
Dagger board: Full foiling Z dagger board
Rudder: Full foiling L rudder

Nacra15 FCS ONE prices starting at €16.734 ex vat, ex works
Nacra 15 FCS ONE specifications
Boat length: 4.70 m/15.4 ft
Boat width: 2.35 m/7.7 ft
Mast length: 8.10 m/26.5 ft
Area mainsail: 13.6 m2/146 sqft deck sweeper
Area spi: 16.5 m2/177.6 sqft
Dagger board: Full foiling Z dagger board
Rudder: Full foiling L rudder

Nacra 15 prices starting at € 14.927 ex vat, ex works
Nacra 15 specifications
Boat length: 4.70/15.4 ft
Boat width: 2.35m/7.7 ft
Mast length: 8.10m/26.5 ft
Area mainsail: 13.6m/146 sqft
Area jib 3.3m/36 sqft
Area spi 16.5m/177.6 sqft
Dagger board: Curved dagger board
Rudder: Rudder with stabilizer

For more information or pre-orders contact your local Nacra dealer or Nacra Sailing at

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