Feb 20, 2013

New 25-33' Multi Range: Cat or Tri?

Lots of projects on the market in the from 25 to 33': Seakarts 30 & 26, Multi 26,  Motive 25, SL33, GC32, M32 , Box Boat and many more.
For catsailors going for a Tri, which are the benefits of a non cabin one?
You are not going to go faster either, I spoke with Peter Ansel from Motive Trimarans and he made some good points, like safety and opening the options for those non racing or experienced multi sailors to enjoy speed as we do.

All this options are day cruisers or racing packages with no cabin space.
 Depending on the price range you also have the Farrier Tri range, with some space to make short range trips too and a cool efficient folding system. Ian Farrier has stop selling plans and now he is only selling production boats like the F-22.
I also like the New Zealand 8,5mt Box Rule, I think that is a good option too.

Price range are  also a limiting factor when deciding.
The bottom line is that the market is offering lots of alternatives and Multis are gaining more acceptance at every corner of the sailing World.

Peter Ansel from Motive Trimarans on Pros/Cons of Tris vs Cats:
"I think your critique of trimarans like the Motive 25R is accurate. For hardcore, adrenaline seeking racers, a high performance, beach cat should always be the choice, but the tris offer versatility, comfort, and extended range. You can have almost the same adrenaline fueled race experience one day, then take family or friends out the next and just relax, with almost no risk of capsize.
On a cat of similar size, there can be no passive passengers. Everyone must react quickly to trim the boat with their body weight. Plus, on a modern tri (with twin rudders) the center hull transom makes a perfect place for a small auxiliary outboard, which can be integral to the design from the start and not an ugly afterthought hanging from a crossbeam bracket.

To make our boat more accessible to intermediate beach cat, and monohull sailors considering the switch to multis, we've combined this versatility with a base, 'easy performance' package, which can be easily 'pimped out' for advanced multihull sailors with a few high performance options. We've also tried to keep the Motive 25R feeling like a big beach cat with very low freeboard, to capture that, 'close to the water experience' that we all fell in love with from our first days on a Hobie 14 or 16."

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