Dec 3, 2012

Super Foiling Tiger

Just recveived this from Sweden, now that is a super Tiger! -------
"Hi, thought you might be interested in what´s going on in Sweden right now. Due to the lack of foiling from our Swedish AC syndicate Artemis, the Swedish sailing magazine SearchMagazine (feel free to link to our website decided to take the matter in their own hands and get the Swedish flag flying!

We put foils on a Hobie Tiger F18 and started to try foiling in late November, with 2 degrees Celsius and 16-18 knots of wind. On the second test session we manage to get some good foiling and the top speed reached 32.1 knots. We started with foils on daggerboard and rudder originally designed for a lighter boat, eventually the rudder foil broke but the boat continued to fly. After 30 minutes of sweet flying around feeling like the Kiwis the daggerboard foil broke as well and the fun was over.

Repairs and reinforcements of the foils are already started and if the ice doesn’t prevent us from sailing, we will try to go flying again during the winter."
All the best. Victor Vasternas , Web editor search magazine

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