Dec 3, 2012

Artemis AC72: Catching Up, plus Winged Rudder Upgrade

Although Juan K/Artemis has one of the major CFD machinery in the business to simnulate almost anything you can think off it seems they are running behind in this Design AC72 race.

After a main helm wipeout, but replacing with unquestionable Multihull sailors like Loick, Nathan and Santi, Artemis is now testing some modifications to their rudders.
Similar to the Winglets the As have been using for a while, even Mischa also used to win the 2012 title,  Plus Baier & Landy (left his rudder setup). The winglets on the Aclass are being reported to stabilize the boat downwind in the breeze.

Clearly not designed to foil at first glance, but you must imply that this is a second thought on the rudders and their overall conf.  The boat looks quite fast, but of course we don´t have any reference.
The great thing about this Cup is how all will trickle down to 'beachcats' in the future wether foiling or not, some new developments will rise and the entire sailing community will benefit.

Meanwhile Artemis is catchiing up, today they went sailing again, below footage from past Saturday. 

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