Jul 19, 2012

Learning to Fly II: Flying Phantom Project

As we informed when it was launched here in CSN, this project was aimed to the Olympics. Based on Martin Fischer work to generate more lift and reduce wetted surface applied on his A-Class at Noumea, and later on the Mayfly.

The great difference with this solution is  that it is Not an 100% hydrofoil schema. That is ""easy"" to achieve as demonstrated by several other beachcat projects.
The Hard part here is having a platform capable to course race one on one against current top performance beachcats.

This is not even a Moth like solution, that has some moving flaps and height control "rudimentary" sticks (but works) here the concept aims for a self controlled "Flight", an auto pilot that can regulate lift without any additional mechanics, Fischer has fill a patent on it.
And although Fischer had the concept working as shown in his sailing A-Class pic above and also have reports from third parties on 28knots achieved by the MayFly, the concept failed to perform in every condition at last A-Class Worlds in Aarhus

Now with some more power SI will try to show a full flight on this modified powered Phantom F18 platform:
- 3Mts Wide
- L rudders
- S Foil Daggers
- Bigger Spi & Jib
- Lighter hulls
- Carbon mast

The higher lift has already been proven by Fischer and also by the Nacra F20c, SL33 and even some A-class. Check images here on CSN.
The next step is control, that is why you need L rudders , but also you'll need to solve calm wind drag performance and the racing start setup handling.

Alinghi 5 tried these S foils daggers but discarded them, expect more news on the ACup soon.
So again, this is no hydrofoil, it is a different concept that still must be tested at large, but as always if weren´t  for these people trying new things, if we only had conservative minds then you know what we would all be riding by now... Lasers and Stars....nooooo "Vade Retro Satana"!

More images at www.facebook.com/pages/Sail-Innovation

For More info on these projects check labels below, still much to come..

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