Jul 20, 2012

ETNZ AC72 Launch

Extreme rocker at the bow a la Exploder F18 and recently the Cirrus R. These lines weren´t clear on land. I  remember seeing a downwind video of an F18 going intense pitch motion with a similar shape, this is another ball game, another scale but for SF I would play safe as speed will be there on conditions only. Remember how I didn´t like Alinghi 5 bow, and it showed at Valencia with some scary pitchs, although waves at SF will be different.
But I also thought the same for USA new amas and the AC45 and they worked quite well.
We'll whichever the case, the lines look extreme.

Check Pete Melvin (curently in NZ)  Q&A by Jeremy Leonard at SailRevolution.com done while assembling the beast.

Also daggers now visible, straight ones at this time, they have 10 choices through the entire campaign.
Video posted at SA Forums

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