Jul 18, 2012

ETNZ AC72: Wing Step Video

Nothing radical at first glance, only detail is a super flat bottom section at the bow, and I think is the way to go aiming to unknown territory, that being a Winged 72 feet Cat, course Racing 40knots at San Francisco.
I see Alinghi5, AC45, SL33, USA 17 Tri, BPV, Nacra F20c...
- Alinghi 5 wire structural solution
- Elevated beam/tramp platform.
- USA 17/Banque Populaire V style hulls merged with AC45 and MM designs (F20C, SL33)

Reference links to compare.

What we can´t see here yet, is the foil solution to be used.
I have the feedback of many world class designers, and beyond the lack of a wing the great issue with Alinghi5 was their perfect scale of an A-Class hull. That was evident
on a extreme pitching motion at Valencia, that platform couldn´t manage that power.
But this is a new generation hull shape, well proven at Ocean racing (BPV) and smaller cats, even the AC45 that served as a testing bed for all teams.

Can´t comment much on the Wing, but it seems quite ""standard"" too. Will ask Steve Clark for feedback.
The Emirates Team New Zealand Design team has some brains:

- Steve Killing (Little AC winning designs)
- Luc Dubois (Former Alinghi, 3DL inventor, and great A-Class sailor)
- Pete Melvin (MM... US1, SL33, Nacras F20c/17/Inf....)
- Gino Morrelli (MM...
US1, SL33, Nacras F20c/17/Inf...)

I asked Glenn Ashby if he was going to do F18/A-Class Worlds and he say he was full on the AC72 launch, maybe he'll attend the As, hope he can go to LA too.
You can´t go wrong with this AC72. The Barker/Ashby combo and their team will push this beast to the limits.

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