Feb 2, 2012

Olympics and which one shouldn't be selected

Ok, I'm flaming myself again, but this is another good cause. Many are worried on one boat being selected.
Already said this many times, and a few weeks ago in some comments.
I was not worried cause I trust the Trials results, but Political influences it is another whole new ball game.

The only boat from the list that could hurt the prestige gained this past years with the growth of the performance  classes and the ACup is the H16.

As someone pointed a few weeks ago, the H16 is the multihull used in Brasil, organizer of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a huge class there although the local distributor has left the fleet without support for years on a commercial conflict.

The H16 is also the default choice in several countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Venezuela and many others from the continent and also has a huge presence in USA and Europe. Needless to say these countries have excellent not to say the best Hobie 16 sailors of the planet: Baby Arndt,the Figueroas , Maegli, Hess etc.
These countries National associations along the organizer will push for the H16 along the Hobie Class.

To me this is a huge selfish political mistake that even could hurt Hobie's reputation in the long term.
You can´t select in 2016 an H16, no matter its popularity and all the good work done.
Again, I entered the multihull world through Hobie 16 Racing in México, and that's what the H16 does best, feeding other classes and getting new sailors to the game.

You can´t have the pinnacle of the sport on this boat.
I don´t a care a dime about the Laser comparison. This is no monohull sailing.
Just look at Windsurfing, following these parameters they will still be racing the Mistral OD, the Windglider or the Lechner.

Don´t give me the popularity argument against what is the right choice to continue showing the sailing world what is Multihull racing as the AC45s are doing right now.

To put it quite clear: The specs fits the H16 as I remarked when they were out published and also an F16.
Needless to say that all NAs pushing for the H16 have their multihull sailors riding this boat as remarked above.

So I will recommend all involved to stop accusing each other and focus together on the real threat for the prestige and reputation of Catamaran Racing.
If  ISAF get this boat selected it will be the biggest  political 'Fiasco' of the history of Multihull Sailing ever. And all pushing for this option will get marked as an US representative was, when he pushed out the Tornadoes changing the voting procedure in the middle of the vote.

The Trials will show which is the best boat, ISAF & Trial officials should respect the results.
As no matter how many H16 sailors these NAs send, in the water it will be clear that the entire remaining list of boats are best suited for the job.

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