Feb 2, 2012

AC72s: The Sailing Beast

This Cup is going to be a blast, if the AC45s are making a show the 72s will top this with no effort. The only remaining thing is to know how many teams will end building one. And also I would like to see some top notch development from Juan K, Melvin or from Oracle Design.
Ian Murray tells the real story on racing and sailing the AC72:
"These boats are going to be absolute beasts to sail," Murray said. "They are massively overpowered, they are very light and fast, and with 11 crew, the challenge is immense. As a sailor, I have the highest respect for what these guys are taking on. At the end of a day on the water, I expect to see the crew needing a lot of fuel and a lot of sleep to get ready for the next day. I don't expect to see too many Cup sailors with a beer in their hand - not until it's all over!!"
More at www.americascup.com/en/Latest/News/2012/2/Format-and-function

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