Feb 1, 2012

Olympic Trials: Official Entries

Told you I already know who is taking the spot.  Knew it since day 1, and have a mail sent on Nov 10 2010 (day Multis got back) to prove it.

You don´t have to be Nostradamus to forsee it, as with many other things coming in other classes...

Current and future discussions are not taking account of common sense established from the beginning of the 'comeback' and without any spec available at that moment.

Although a little surprise may arise now, it is, for me, defined.
I sent some questions to Gaebler, waiting for them also Gunnar's interview

Strange that Hobie didn´t push for an F16 too.

The seven multihull entrants
• Hobie 16 - Hobie Cat
• Hobie Tiger - Hobie Cat
• Nacra 17 - Nacra Sailing International
• Nacra F16 - Nacra Sailing International
• Spitfire S - Sirena Voile
• Tornado - International Tornado Class Association
• Viper - Australian High Performance Catamarans (AHPC)

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