Jan 27, 2012

Olympics: Phantom Project is Out of the Trials - Press Release by Udin

Mail sent by Alex Udin today Friday 27, 9:15PM
This leaves the choice for the rest, the Nacra 17 will take the modern curved board bid. AHPC and Nacra will fight for the F16 option.
I have Gunnars answers pending and also making one with Roland that has an all in one solution providing the Ts "a la" Hobie Worlds.  
No news from Hobie yet regarding the trials.
Regarding the Phantom demand I can confirm orders from Argentina.
"Dear Martin,
 The Flying Phantom project would like to wish the participants in the upcoming Multihull equipment trials all the best. Unfortunately we will not be attending as initially planned. With all projects calculations are made on risk and reward and in this case we could not justify the risks based on the specifications such as crew weight targets which are clearly not in line with real world data and experience.

The Flying Phantom lives on however! The first boat is being constructed currently and testing is scheduled to commence in the coming month. We look forward to presenting the Flying Phantom at Eurocat 2012.

With the recent success of the Phantom F18 we have enjoyed huge interest and now have production running at full pace to meet demand. The extremely high standard of production demands a lot of effort from the entire team and we are looking forward to more success in 2012 with our soon to be announced sailing and ambassador team."

Kindest regards,
Alex Udin
Sail Innovation

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