Jan 25, 2012

New lighter 18/Curved boards Class on the making?

Some rumours at SA and Catsailor on a new Nacra 17,6" with curved boards are up.
With the Phantom Project already in the same line, there are two players to start a new class, the thing is these two might fight for an Olympic spot at Santander in March.
Also this 17,6" cat has the F20c/F16 shape, so a new F18 can be the goal too, and having their 3 boats with the same looks/updated design, just like the automotive industry.
Although in my opinion the Infusion hulls needs no update right now, this new boat is branded as 17 and they are saying it is really 17,6" with the clear intention on having the '
18' name for their current F18.

But a ligther, more rule free class can be created if Nacra and SI are building similar concepts if none is selected.
More info soon. Waiting for Gunnar's answers on an interview we are making.

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