Jan 29, 2012

Hobie Wave: 1st "Turbo" Test in Arg

What a little machine the Hobie Wave is. Lots of fun.I knew that even before sailing it, as I did this weekend.
A Wave owner, Hernán Gimenez asked me to install him the "Turbo" kit and I adapted the RC 16/F18 setup. The spi and snuffer was made by a local loft, Foxtrot, so the first Argentine Hobie Wave Turbo was born.

Will try to get better images next time, but enough to show how the Wave was flying with not much wind. Riding it Solo was just a blast.
Some 1st videos here with me having some real fun, more to come with a real camera:

I recommend the Wave to those wanting family fun and eventual solo rides, the "problem" with her is that she is so good that you'll want more, even after the Spi kit, and for more excitment you need a +16...

But considering her target, the Hobie Wave , designed by Morrelli & Melvin, is just the perfect recreational toy, with no higher aspirations than pure fun, square that fun with a Spi, although check Hobie's requirements and guidelines first, as the original spi offered by Hobie is quite smaller.

So first contact your Hobie dealer, also Catsailor.com Store offers a good kit too.

Argentina has now an official dealer that I helped to established through Greg Thomas for Esteban Blando. Hope our imports stays open as right now some tough actions against commerce exchange/protectionism are being implemented in Arg as I'm not going to build one of these, the Wave is just perfect. I'll stay with the RC16, the 18 RC Cruiser and a future new F18 maybe...

I would like to see a match between Bundy and Glenn in +15knots on one of these.... that would top any Olympic or AC45 show for sure!

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