Dec 25, 2018

New Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

F18 Convertibles are all over the place. Cirrus R2 was the first production boat, C2 will be delivering the updated version for 2019 (more on that one next) and now Nacra re launches theirs, as the MK3 was advertise already as Convertible.

Received this material from Nacra, new CEO Bob Hensen confirms that these two platforms featured in this post are full foiling versions only, as they come equipped as seen in renders above. Upgrade kits and F18 legal rudders/foils are not included on the price below, just foiling equipment and we assume hulls,beams, mast and rest of platform are F18 Class legal and the owner can fit a set of straight daggers plus standard alu castings and straight rudders and go F18 legal racing.

Note the L rudders a la Phantom Essentiel. Alex went for Ls based on a safety feature mainly.
Z foils are surely Nacra 17 ones or scaled (if).

Many have doubts that F18 platforms can foil good, but all area missing how Nacra and Goodall Design have moved their dagger cases forward to match what we've done for the Scorpion (in front of side stays) which was already proven by Martin Fischer on the Wildcat & Phantom F18.  Cirrus R2 also has a similar case position.

In terms of weight, the Phantom Essentiel declares 171kg and features also alu beams & mast.  F18s are racing with Decksweepers sails already, not even the Olympic foiling cat features one. F18s are Epoxy and min boat total weight is 173kg (you have to add lead to race legally)

Key will be the convertible box, which had some issues on the Infusion MK3 for legal F18 racing.
Goodall Design and Cirrus have done a great job to solve that aspect.
We don't have more info on these new Infusion FCS though.

2019 Worlds at Costa Brava will be a nice test for the Convertibles dagger cases , Cirrus R2 have raced already no issues, C2 2019 Convertible will debut there and we expect to have ones of the Infusion FCS racing too with F18 legal kit. (Note again that Nacra is selling this new FCS as full foiling foils only, which is a strange move as you are not getting F18 legal foils to race)

Bob commented that more info is going to be released soon. Contact Nacra for more details at /

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS
The most all-round F18 is going to fly!
Here she is, the Nacra F18 Infusion FCS! Proudly presented by Nacra Sailing, manufacturer since 2009 of foiling and semi-foiling boats, such as the Nacra F20 Carbon, Nacra F20 FCS, Nacra 15 and the full foiling Olympic multihull Nacra 17.

As the 5 time F18 world champion and multiple winner of almost every other event Nacra F18 now is ready for full foiling. Nacra F18 Infusion FCS has been designed to fly in a wide range of weather conditions and to make competitive cat sailing accessible to even more sailors. The open multifunctional dagger board case has been designed to easily transform this foiling Nacra F18 Infusion FCS back to a class legal F18 in 30 minutes.
Nacra F18 Infusion FCS has been built to meet the highest safety standards and the standards of a wide range of - more or a little less - experienced sailors.

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS offers the ultimate sailing experience, but beware: sailing F18 FCS is addictive!
Nacra F18 Infusion FCS starting at €24.832

Nacra F18 Infusion FCS limited edition will be available for €28.632, complete with race package and limited edition wrap design. This distinctive wrap design will be available in orange and apple green. Custom designs can be discussed.

Boat length: 5.52 m/18 ft
Boat width: 2.60 m/8.5 ft
Mast length: 9.15 m/30 ft
Area DS mainsail: 17 m2/182 sqft
Area jib: 4.15 m2/44 sqft
Area spi: 21 m2/226 sqft
Dagger board: Full foiling Z dagger board
Rudder: Full foiling L rudder

For more information or to pre-order contact your local Nacra dealer or Nacra Sailing at


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