Dec 27, 2018

F18: Goodall Design C2 Convertible 2019 preview

Goodall Design has taken note on the convertible concept and they have embraced the concept fully as done already by Cirrus & Nacra. With a tradition of quality and functionality the Goodalls opted for an add-on daggercase, which in our view is the way to go along Z boards design.

Their Z foils are a combo of Nacra 17 one integrated with Exploder / D3 Applied Technologie development for their winning A-Class. The concave diagonal section shape has proven superior in the As and adopted also by DNA for latest F1x foils.
For rudders they have chosen T styles ones, another good selection in our view towards stable flights. Photo to the left is from their Viper F16 kit but C2 will be same scaled if needed.

Check video above made by Brett Goodall, showing the 2019 C2 platform. Changes include moving the case forward, this new C2 case position  is now the defacto F18 legal racing placement (Martin Fischer's Wildcat/Phantom F18 legacy)   and will serve for as a great flying feature for the 2019 C2 convertible.

Along the convertible package, Epoxy hulls and daggercase placement , new F18 legal daggers will be fitted (tested at Sarasota as proto), so all top F18s are converging once more to a quite similar gral diagram on main features.

Excellent development by Goodall Design once more. We expect to see the new  Epoxy Convertible C2 racing at Costa Brava Worlds in 2019, it will be a great test for the convertible concept in terms of F18 legal racing.

For those wondering why we haven't seen F18 convertibles flying videos yet, stay put that they will come in masse, if you have been reading my comments on the matter you will know by now that these platforms by Cirrus, Goodall Design & Nacra will foil no doubt.

In fact it is a secondary aspect by now, key one will be how they behave for F18 legal Racing, the Cirrus R2 has already passed that test no problem in 2018.

More info on the new C2 Convertible visit

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