Dec 24, 2018

Season's Greetings 2018

Little slow on updates this week as I'm spending some vacations time with family. A joy being able to teach my kids how to surf. Today we had another great session, they are in their initial steps, learning how to catch waves and ocean handling but so happy to see them having an awesome time.

All the sports I learnt as kid were thanks to an excellent oriented sport school/high school , a healthy life at our local rowing club and the endless 3 months summers spent at the sea, where I start surfing with a fiberglass board at age 12 by myself.
Our generation had a freepass to do what we wanted, thinking it out today I wouldn't leave mykids on the water alone, crazy.
Those in their 40-50's today did what we wanted without much parents overlook or restrictions, it was a different era of course , and it build self confidence and drive to do things on our own, risky way indeed on occasions but priceless childhood.

With current kids depending much on tech depending, its fresh air having them out there.
Today I feel so good being able to pass my kids some knowledge & experience, and to look over them in the process. Great feeling that all those who can should experience.

On the sailing aspect 2018 was another great year, some great news still pending and  we will make a wrap-up later next week.

Have a nice Christmas & better 2019.

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