Aug 22, 2018

Tribute & Trophy to recognize Lallo Petrucci

Recognizing those who forged our sport it is a mandatory duty for all the sailors that came after them, benefiting from their hard work and passion for Catsailing.
Lallo Petrucci is without a doubt one of those special characters, and a Trophy with his name its a well deserved tribute.

Info on the Trophy sent by Gerard Letrenne.
Tribute and trophy L. Petrucci
The Sanguinet sailing club & partners, BIMARE France and sailing class associations ACCF (A Cat Classic France) , AFTOR (French association Tornado), will pay tribute, during the GPA regatta on October 13 and 14th to the man who dedicated 40 years to the promotion of sport catamarans.

Michelangelo « Lallo » Petrucci founded his shipyard BIMARE in 1970.

Though his first productions were Olympic Tornado’s, on which he sailed himself, it was in 1985 that he began constructing A class catamarans, inspired by A Lions and Newzelander SCAL designs. This new single-handed catamaran met with rapid success among competitive helmsmen. New A class catamarans were seen in Hyères (1990), Berre (1992), and Mandelieu (1994), but already in 1985 at Sanguinet where, still today, there are 23 A class, among which 19 are BIMARE.
BIMARE have won 3 world championship titles, and since 1987, 19 French national titles.

A class remains BIMARE’s legendary design though another of his designs (18HT) was declared « the world’s best boat » (Bateau de l’année) in 2003 and his F16 is extremely popular.

Numerous BIMARE designs (Bim 2000, Javelin, XJ,V1,V1R, Zero) have answered the needs of the constantly developing A class racing catamarans.

Lallo, after 40 years in Bellaria, passed the torch to BIMARE France, located in Bordeaux, to continue the Petrucci tradition.

Bordeaux already has the necessary infrastructure to satisfy the demands of racers in terms of platforms and appendices for numerous designs.

Let’s make for a beautiful race to honor the man who created and internationally known brand and whose name is legendary among sailors.

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