Aug 23, 2018

Vendeé Goble / Latest IMOCA Generation: Charal launched

Photo Yvan Zedda / Charal / Vendeé Globe. Beast, no other words to describe this latest IMOCA iteration.  More info on the launch at at Vendeé Globe web:

Pronounced dihedral shape for the foils, as can be seen on the Vendeé Globle republished pic in our twitter account:  here & here by CDK, builder of this new IMOCA for Jérémie Beyou
More pics on the foils / hull when available.

Update, I contacted Team Charal press for more pics, thanks Isabelle for the material, Photos by Yvan Zedda. Clicl images for larger size & slideshow.  Hard angled transitions , a la Artemis AC45 first foil version. Foil crossection quite similar to the one used in lastest Bermuda AC.

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