Aug 21, 2018

MV Design Draft : Windsurf Foil Board

Windsurf Foil Board design Draft V1. August 21, 2018. I've been busy past weeks so not much news updates were possible, plus my latest project: I'm working on is a WS Foil board design. I tried to get some production ones, and also you can retrofit older Formula boards to achieve good initial costs, but as always I decided finally to solve the problem from its roots, and went to design one myself (as done with the first F18 here and alter with the Scorpion). I designed in 2016 a recreational WS/Sup foil, but this board will be targeted for racing and thus will be fitted with a dedicated racing foil.

Above first foil board quick draft concept, a foiling oriented board with hard rails back transitioning towards the solution done for racing Kiteboards. Of course less rocker than traditional Formula boards ,  with less volume on the bow to minimize aero drag.  Also straighter outline as carving will be done in the air, thus no need for a rounded shape.
Just a teaser, more details as the project advance, some talks already with some to produce it.

On latest devels check for instance latest devel by Starboard below, 2019 Foil boards designed along top notch Argentine sailor Gonza Costa Hoevel. Starboard is at the top of devel but we will follow a different path regarding overall outline along bow shape & volume distribution.

Racing Kiteboard: Photo Pedro Martinez/ Sailing Energy.  --

I went for a more Kitefoil board oriented design, and I found yesterday Exocet have done the same on their 2018 Foil racer version. Review their design talk video below and compare vs Starboard solution.
Clearly we favor the Kitefoil board /Exocet path.

On width new PWA rules call for a 91cm width limit thus will be the standard from now on.

Starboard 2019 board quiver :
Exocet Foil boards:

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