Feb 13, 2018

Cruising Arg Patagonian Coast @15 knots

My friends from South Arg continue to cruise their Patagonian coasts each year. Two RC Cruiser I built for them in 2011, first was in 2007, which was the second boat we built for a client. 3mts wide and first version of our F18 hulls (plenty of volume) plus all the reefing options and seat wings are just perfect to sail down there.
We built in vinylester but these were done in Polyester resin, with 3 layers of 300gr Roving, 15mm. thickness airex bulkheads & subdecks. The client keeps sending material of his trips, and well I like to re publish as I think it is catsailing at its best, no strings attached.

Clip shows rather calm seas, still cruising at relaxed 15knots its  what  they requested. First version I fitted an 8mts mast for safety, but for these two above,  I was required to fit standard F18 9mts mast, as you are safer getting out of trouble fast and reaching destination in advance.

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