Feb 12, 2018

Mar del Plata Sailing Week 2018 , Final Day by Capizzano

Excellent shots by our own Master Photographer, Matias Capizzano. More galeries at his fb page facebook.com/capizzanophotography/ . Full results for all Classes at siy.org.ar/frontend/news/listado/53/2

In the F18 last day with +20-25 knots and the DS on the Infusion showed again that in the breeze it is a no contest. Previous days with mixed conditions the standard sqaure main hold ground quite good in lighter stuff , even upto 12-14 knots. Blando-Quagliotti (Phantom-SI std main) managed to be 1pt behind Smith-Heuser (Infusion-1D DS) after 9 races, but a broken bowsprit in race 10th left them without chances, as last two races were held in high breeze and no matter them being the fastest Arg crew, nothing to do against Cruz & Mariano in terms of speed & angle.

Needless to say that the winners are the most experienced crew around here and can win with std mainsail too no problem , but all the performance reports I got were from them too, confirming both crews the speed gap cannot be matched for standard mainsail above midrange winds speeds.
The DS provided extra speed to the Infusion, and did the same for the Phantom as seen at the past Arg Nats where along Mischa's Scorpion led the three races held in double trap.

Next steps for Deck Sweeper mainsail development is to improve light & downwind performance.-

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