Feb 13, 2018

Stunt 9 : Smooth Foiling Gybes by Vicenzo Sorrentino

Video sent by Vicenzo Sorrentino. Those are some smooth foiling gybes on the Stunt 9. Being pioneer on 4pt T Foiling system, the S9 established an alternative path which brought Moth tech to cats for recreational & easy relaxed flying.
Now the T foils will get in the racing Cat realm, many projects to be launched featuring T Foils. Sunnucks/Eales M20 Vampire was the first racing cat attempt featuring T Foils.

Now the S9 owners have formed a Class too. The boat looks fun, but I still prefer load over the top and the capability to raise boards fully up for our shallow coasts.
Now, once sailing, the T Foiling wand system is like riding a bike with kids wheels, way easier and more stable out of the box than any other 4pt Z or 3pt J setups.

Ltest Z devels are providing great speed and improved stability, but we still have to see an A-Class doing a foiling gybe.

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