Jan 21, 2018

Martinique Cataraid 2018: Day 1

Pib by Pierrick Contin / 2017 edition. No photos of the day yet. below press release sent by the org translated from French. Official web : www.martiniquecataraid.com
Martinique Cata Raid 2018, 1st stage: The Robert - La Trinité
Winds of 15 to 18 knots for the this first stage, which was held in perfect conditions. However, passing the peninsula of Caravelle posed problems to some competitors causing several capsizes.

After a great start at the end of the
line,  Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE took the lead. At the first mark, at the exit of the Baie du Robert they still led, followed by the Swiss crew Andreas Lutz and Raymond Schlatter, and the double winner of the Cata Raid 2016 and 2017, Emmanuel Boulogne, equipped for this edition by his brother Vincent Boulogne.

After the passage of the point marked by a strong swell, the competitors descended in a long run under spinnaker to Sainte Marie, before returning to La Trinité.

The winners of the day:
Q: You are participating for the first time in Martinique Cata Raid, what do you think of this first stage?
A: Orion and Charles: We came for that, battle, wind, sun, beautiful sailing conditions and concurrency, everything is there!

Q: What made the difference today?
A: Orion and Charles: We had a good start, but after the first mark, we were caught by the Swiss and Boulogne brothers on the open course. We hugged the tip of the Caravelle, then we went very quickly under spinnaker to Sainte Marie, with a road a little more slaughtered, which led us directly on the buoy, a bit in the judgment because without GPS!

Top 5 Form 18
1 MARTIN Orion, GATE Charles
2 BOULOGNE Emmanuel, BOULOGNE Vincent
3 LUTZ Andréa, SCHLATTER Raymond
6 GILLET Nicolas, POIX Nicolas

Formula 16
1 KIEFFER Bérangère, IVALDI, Franck

 Monday, January 22, stage of La Trinité to the Preacher, departure scheduled at 10h05
To know more www.martiniquecataraid.com

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