Jan 21, 2018

A-Class, Reaching 25knots @Punta del Este 2018

Nice sequence sent by Ian Rodger from Punta del Este. Ian is sailing the Dna F1 vs Mehl on former Brewin's D3.

Punta del Este is a great place to sail. One of the first F18 we made was delivery nearby in Punta Ballena, (Solanas beach). In the future we might held some South American or international event.
Meanwhile the Arg A-Cat crews are going for it reaching 25knots in yesterday's session. Ian on the F1 could maintain pace with the D# when is rather flat, more waves and the Exploders seem to have an edge.
Something DNA has acknowledge from Sopot , as it is vox populi they are working on new foils.

Still the F1s, with foils from 2014 are fast as the latest D3 as seen in sequence above.

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