Jan 22, 2018

F18, New "Decksweeper" Jib & integrated Snuffer system by Windrush

Photos Windrush/1D & Darren Flanagan.  New snuffer system developed & built by Brett Burvill/Ryan Duffield at Windrush Edge, Marton Balasz from 1D sails also collaborated.
Max Puttnam from NextGen Sailmakers also developed a jib for his Edge.

Now It is legal? Before jumping to conclusions we must read the rules first.
If this "retrieval system" above has the Alu bowsprit attached to the main beam , then there is nothing in the rules that prevent it, after reading F18 Class docs. Specifically point F.5 that can be read below.

As there is no other definition, size or specification on how the the snuffer sock/ring should as far as you don't use carbon, which is not the case here.

Update reminder by Sany Roka I forgot to see /address:
C.10.3 JIB
(a) USE
(1) The sail shall be set on the forestay.
(2) The tack point shall not be fixed below the apex of the bridle wire.

- Windrush / 1D Platform: The info I have is what Brett did was to lower the 4mm cable bridles and will use dyneema to additional support above, like the ones we use currently to secure or get a firmer bowsprit setup.
So regarding bridles the jib setup is not breaking the rules neither if using only a set of steel 4x19 bridles. using two sets of cable bridles it is illegal without a doubt.

- NexGen Sailmaker Edge platform does features two pairs of cable bridles, one 4mm Class legal and other 3mm (the upper one), this initial setup I might say it is  illegal.   Info on the second platform sent by Darren Flanagan: James Clark and Max Puttman - Max is the owner of NextGen Sailmakers, (featured Jib on the second image above)  The snuffer is made by Windrush Yachts WA and is the brain child of Brett Burvill

- Dyneema support lines: For those with doubts about using dyneema, check Darren Flanagan's C2 bowsprit above. The bowsprit is attached to the bridles, and also to the hulls with dyneema/spectra ropes, providing a support system that can also help to support the stay, in fact if you trim that system with enough tension the cable bridles will become slack.
Basically the lateral bowpsrit dyneema support lines together with the vertical dyneema holding the bowsprit and giving the prebend , conforms a system  acting as lower or additional bridles.

Is this new system efficient and worth it? Really don't know, we will find out before (if banned somehow) or after the Australian F18 Nats coming days.

F18 Class Rules excerpt:
(a) The bowsprit shall be on the longitudinal centreline of the boat.
(b) The bowsprit shall be attached to the front beam.
(a) The bowsprit shall be made of aluminium of constant section.
(a) The bowsprit may be fitted with a spinnaker retrieval system. This system shall not be of carbon fibre on boats certified after 1 January 2007.
(1) Attachment points to hulls.
(1) Adjustment fittings.
(2) Wind indicator(s).
(a) The length of the bowsprit shall not exceed the distance from the centre of the front beam to a vertical line touching the most forward part of the hull plus 800 mm, with the bowsprit measured when horizontal.

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