Jan 22, 2018

Martinique Cata Raid 2018: Day 2

Photos from Day1. Below official report sent by the Org. translated from original French. Martinique Cataraid web: martiniquecataraid.com.  Orion Martin & Charles Gate lead after two stages sailing a Cirrus R2 equipped with a  DS mainsail  designed & built by Simon Northtrop who has re launched his own new brand recently. More on his sails next week.
01/22/2017 - Communiqué n ° 2: Monday 21st January 2018

The stage of the day promised to be hectic, she kept her promises!

The 24 F18 catamarans left in front of La Trinite with a fairly weak wind, but quickly, the runners left to the right of the water could benefit from a clear reinforcement of the wind, and a trio broke away, consisting of  MARTIN / GATE, BOULOGNE / BOULOGNE and CHAMPANHAC / DHALLENNE, who led the fleet for three quarters of an hour, with a weakening wind, maintaining an intermediate position, between the proponents of an option offshore and the supporters of the navigation near the ground for a theoretically shorter route, led by Martinique crew GILLET / POIX. Finally the wind came back from the sea, allowing the Swiss crew LUTZ / SHLATTER to take a clear advantage.

At the buoy of François, the Swiss led the fleet in front of  MARTIN / GATE.

The passage of the Pearl Rock saw a superb brawl of placement and jibing under spinnaker between the first two, with another return by the back, with the sandstone of the ridges which skirted the Caribbean coast.

In the end, the Toulon crew composed of Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE won, ahead of the Swiss Andy LUTZ and Raymond SCHLATTER, followed by the crew of Saint Lunaire Benoit CHAMPANHAC and Hudo DHALENNES, Emmanuel and Vincent Boulogne finishing 4th.

They said:
Raymond Schlatter (Switzerland) It was a beautifull race, with lot of work for the crew, a great organization ....

Emmanuel Boulogne: A very variable time, the sale arrived from larfge bit of the first part of the race while we remained rather centered or to control those who passed along the coast, It is difficult to know if one has well sailed, the placement in relation to the sale was primordial, but difficult to predict ...

Charles Gaté: and two! very nice race, difficult when we saw the boats come back, but we managed to iron the Swiss with a good fight

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