Jan 19, 2018

IKA Americas Youth Olympic Games Qualifier @Cabarate

Images by IKA & GenesisReyes.com - The Americs Youth Olympics Qualifiers for Buenos Aires 2018 are being held in Cabarete. The youths are racing standard twintips kiteboards, no foiling.
Check what a cool Tshirt the International Kiteboarding Association rep has: "Your Crew", a good reminder that those working at administrative level are to serve sailors and not the other way around, as almost all are holding positions on their own will and disposition.

Below report sent by the IKA. Official twintip Class web www.twintipracing.com.
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
19 January 2018

Contestants from around the world rocked the Cabarete beaches again today in what was another exciting and successful day of Youth Olympic Trials. The weather did not disappoint – it was a beautiful sunny day.

Racing kicked off at 3:30 this afternoon local time. Riders brought their A game, causing shifts in the rankings in the North American/Caribbean boys division as Lorenzo Calcano of the Dominican Republic knocked Jacob Olivier and Cameron Maramenides, both of the U.S.A. into a tie for third respectively, while Tiger Tyson maintained his firm grip on first place.

On the girls’ side Lou Marin held confidently onto the top spot with her consistently strong performance the first day continuing. Paula Herrmann and Faviola Collazo-Velez maintained their second and third place spots, showing everyone they have what it takes to compete at this level.

In the South American boys’ division, Argentina’s Geronimo Lutteral held on to the top spot for the second day in a row as he had another stellar day of racing with multiple first place finishes giving him a strong hold on first place going into the final hours of competition.

His fellow Argentinian teammate, Martin Errazquin–Calderon made a big jump in the rankings from fifth place at the end of Wednesday to second place as we wrapped up competition this Thursday. This resulted in Anthar Racca of Mexico and Adalberto Gomez of Mexico dropping to third and fourth places.

The South American girls had some of the most intense heats of the groups, staying within meters of each other in all of today’s races, but never overtaking – leaving Wednesday’s rankings intact.

Competitors will have another chance to improve their scores and work their way up the leaderboard tomorrow as the finalists, those who will be able to refer to themselves as Olympic athletes, emerge. We've already seen many shifts in rankings so it is entirely possible there could be more jockey-ing for the top spots to come, and more exciting outcomes for these young riders. Tomorrow is another day of kiting in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and especially on this day, anything is possible.


North America / Caribbean BOYS
1. Tiger Tyson (ANT) - 8 pts
2. Cameron Maramenides (USA) - 9 pts
3. Adeuri Corniel (DOM) - 11 pts

North America / Caribbean GIRLS
1. Lou Marin (DOM) - 5 pts
2. Paula Herrmann (DOM) 9 pts
3. Faviola Collazo-Velez (PUR) - 12 pts

South / Central America BOYS
1. Geronimo Lutteral (ARG) - 5 pts
2. Martin Errazquin Caldern (ARG) - 11 pts
3. Manoel Soares Dos Santos Neto (BRA) - 15 pts

South / Central America GIRLS
1. Ona Romani (ARG) - 6 pts
2. Adela Mendoza (ARG) - 10 pts
3. Maria Valentina Alvarez Villarroel (VEN) - 11 pts

Full rankings and live elimination ladders with scoring: www.twintipracing.com

YOG qualification events

North and South America: Cabarette, DOM, 15-20 January 2018
Europe and Africa: Dakhla, MAR, 20-25 February 2018
Asia and Oceania: Pranburi, THA, 13-18 March 2018
2018 TT:R Youth Slalom World Championships: Boao, CHN, 03-08 MAy 2018 (TBC)


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