Sep 20, 2017

iFly 15 in full Production

Photos by CEC Catamran Europe Centra, more at their fb web -  The Ifly 15 is now taking its own path since its S9 related origins. Michael Miller reports in his web on these pics:  "... iFLY15 serial production, here from final assembly. We are now building up production capacity to deliver >50 iFLY15 in the coming 12 months..."

Foiling cats keep gaining market and taking a big chunk of of the catamaran sales pie, with a previously nonexistent alternative (Production foiling beachcats).

One known A-Class builder gets over those 50 a year no problem by now, but still  a good number projected for the iFly.

The S9 already has its own OD Class too aside recreational foiling.

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