Sep 20, 2017

New F18 Decksweeper sail design by Brewin

Images sent by Darren Flanagan, published at the South Australian Beach Cat Sailors.
Steve Brewin was the first sail maker to built and race himslef a modern Decksweeper on an F18. His knowhow & experience in the A-Cats was enough for Brewin to go for it.
Needles to remind that Steve on the 2017 A-Cat Worlds at Sopot with his own DS A-Class sail too.

This new DS F18 sail has a quite small foot size that permits the crew to pass no problem under or behind it. A feature I been writing about for a while now and yesterday too, for those worried on the handling alternatives for the crew.
Brewin DS Sail above is fitted on Ben Clark's Windrush Edge.

Darren (who sent the pics) also commented on the harsh tone of my Nacra DS post yesterday, he might be right but many know I write that way and in the end it is just a sport. Drama or really serious stuff are earthquakes at Mexico for instance. (Hope my friends there are all ok by the way).

With Decksweeper sail you can clearly see in this Brewin sail how open your options are to select a plan shape fitting your needs. A ban by now is nearly impossible ,  but those concerned  don't get that annoyed and continue sailing your standard rig.

What is needed to comprehend too, is that a ban on legal equipment really affects and annoy those already investing, so if you stand your position wide open for a possible ban, you need to expect an opposite reaction from those not wanting to lose their hard earnt $ spent on a 100% legal DS F18 sail from many of the loft already selling and offering them.

Also the pics show the new Allen 10:1 mainsheets blocks. I received a mail from them some months ago and didn't published , so here it is the new product by the UK hardware builder fitted in the Edge equipped with a no boom DS sail from Steve Brewin which is another  chance to reduce costs. The alternative sailing  no boom setup which is proven with a Crown in the A-Class Worlds at Sopot this year.

The Allen blocks I've been told by Darren too they have good costs compared to other solutions.
Below press release sen by Allen bros on their new 10:1 mainsheet sent by Jeremy Nicholson
Allen Launches New Mainsheet System For Big Cats
Available through chandlers and direct to the public, the new Allen A2069/A2169 “Quint” mainsheet system has been developed by the UK performance sailing hardware manufacturer with feedback from Team Allen sailors and the prototype has already won UK and European F18.

“We rely heavily on feedback from our Team Allen sailors and in particular Chris Rashley’s experience in foiling has already been invaluable to us in developing market leading products such as the A2030XHL”, explained Liz Adams, MD of Allen Brothers. “Chris came to us with a requirement for a mainsheet system both powerful and strong enough to cope with the higher loads associated with foiling A Class and Nacra 17.”

“It was also designed to be suitable for retro fitting on a wider range of boats. With a 10:1 purchase, combining upper and lower Allen patent dynamic bearing blocks, with five 60mm sheaves each. The lower block features Autoratchet and a cam cleat and fairlead for accurate cleating and easing under load. The system gives the performance catamaran sailor what they need at a price that they can afford.”

“The “Quint” is designed to work on a wide range of fast cats, from Tornados and F18s to the latest foiling A Class and Nacra 17s. It is powerful and robust, but is engineered to deliver the smoothness and feel required over long periods of hard use. Like all Allen catalogue products it comes with a lifetime guarantee and is manufactured in Great Britain.”

The combined Allen A2069/A2169 “Quint” mainsheet system is priced at £499 plus P&P for tracked courier delivery and is available on-line from, as well as from Allen stockists. The individual blocks are available separately, with the Allen A2069 priced at £175 plus P&P and the A2169 priced at £324 plus P&P. You can buy direct from

Allen Brothers has a 60 year history of delivering performance sailing hardware to world markets from its manufacturing base in Essex, UK. For further information on Allen Brothers products, go to

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