Sep 19, 2017

New F18 Decksweeper sail by Nacra

Looking good, really like how 1D , Goodall and now Nacra/Performance Sails have chosen the Radial Cut for the new Decksweeper sails. They look just perfect like this new main by Peter Vink / Performance Sails.
Nacra have opted for a similar cut used by Goodall Design, maintaining a wider top for light winds.
Mischa's DS sail has a smaller head design.

My message to the US Fleet, is better to start cutting their sails for Sarasota Worlds 2018... Well, reading some of the US comments the DS offers no performance gain, so why worry then.

Either case there is no turning back at this point.

And if so, I will gather all those who bought and currently keep buying 100% legal Decksweeper sails and we will send the refund invoice to the IF18CA/US F18 Assoc. (And any other voting for a ban at this stage)

All OK with others having different positions, but they need to do it in due time, again, just after Mischa won the 2018 Worlds in Denmark.

On the argument on obsolete... I'm sure all those complaining are sailing Hobie Tigers, and have not updated their boats ever since. No need following their thought of line , Spirit of the rule and blabla.
Current sails can be updated for rather good costs , as we did in the A-Cats.
Remember also how Glenn Ashby won the 2015 A-Class Worlds with a re cut sail done two weeks before the event.

If you have doubts on usability and else please contact the IF18CA for them to send you the official report from the Archipelago Raid.

Also remember there are several options for foot sizes, and 1D have tested a smaller one with excellent handling alternatives.

I understand the concerns , I wrote here and showed how I will not be sailing myself a 1400mm foot for isntance. Also DS sails might have a tricky perf in lighter winds aside Mischas & Stephan, so it will be the choice of each sailor to update or not.

Additionally I have contacted Ken Marshack (66yrs old) to know how he managed to dominated the Americas F18 Championships in the breeze when supposedly  is so hard to handle the DS cut.

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