Jun 10, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda LV Semi Finals Day 4 by van der Borch

All images Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing , full gallery here - Great shots by Sander to appreciate the wind & sea conditions today at Bermuda.
Would like to have some reel from Sander's personal view. latest photography tech can grab high quality stills from 4/6K video, it's not the same yet for the super fine resolution these guys need but worth giving a try, we've seen some good examples from Easy Ride last year at the 2016 F18 Europeans .

Those lower shots with defocus at sea level or getting inside the boat as Pinto also does, are some of the trademarks for Sander shots. From this set above best asset for me is showing how the course was 'set' today for another tight battle between Artemis & Japan.