Jun 10, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda Louis Vuitton Final: Artemis vs New Zealand

Photos: ACEA / Ricardo Pinto & Gilles Martin-Raget - You didn´t have to be Nostradamus to bet these two were going to reach the Louis Vuitton Finals. Beyond being our two favorite teams they are also the stronger ones to face Spithill & Oracle at the Cup Finals.
The LV series has seen a rapid growth for the two 49er / Moth / A-Class helms.

The best aspect of  Outteridge & Burling till now at Bermuda is being able to recover and push it harder when things are not going as planned. It's easy to win with a good team and fast boat at hand, but no one can get inside their minds & spirit for them to make a switch and put back the performance mode.

Burling surpassed the Ainslie factor and a dangerous and possibly campaign ending frontal pitch  and Nathan had to endure doubts on the boat systems on harsh weather along trailing down 1-3 to Barker.
Their  talent &  Olympic experience is surely a base to back those deeds, but doing it in the America's up Arena has an added major value for both.
Having Iain Percy & Glenn Ashby on board 'might' have them helped a 'bit'.

TNZ & Artemis on the LV Finals along their entire teams means Oracle will face the very best the Challengers can offer this time around.

Artemis path towards this LV Finals coming from San Francisco has been an endurance trail for the entire team, so glad to see them performing. For me is Mission Accomplished, the rest coming is pure gain.

Hope to see a close battle. Who will win? Have your say in the poll above in the right col, for us hard to say , weather looks good for today Saturday but lower winds are expected coming days. Based on that an on TNZ out of the scale handling (those tack turns...) and light wind perf I'll say TNZ in a close Match series.

Louis Vuitton Challenger Series Finals Schedule:
Saturday June 10th
Race 1: Sweden vs New Zealand
Race 2: New Zealand vs Sweden
Race 3: Sweden vs New Zealand

Sunday June 11th
Race 4: New Zealand vs Sweden
Race 5: Sweden vs New Zealand
Race 6*: New Zealand vs Sweden

Monday June 12th (TBC)
Race 7*: Sweden vs New Zealand
Race 8*: New Zealand vs Sweden
Race 9*: Sweden vs New Zealand

* if required

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