Jun 9, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda: LV Semi Finals: Artemis 5 vs JPN 3

All Images ACEA Press / Ricardo Pinto & Gilles Martin Raget  Live Soots--  +20knots breeze today at Bermuda, boat speeds above 40knots. Artemis having the chance to close their LV Semi finals series vs Softbank Team Japan. Barker showed better handling in strong winds the last time they met , in fact team JPN were super smooth while Artemis were literally struggling for moments.

In the press conference made mins ago, it was nice to see Nathan saying Iain Percy gave a good chat to the team, for them to trust their abilities and to trust the boat, this along some improvements made  comments last few days made Nathan to go for it in the breeze today.
And it showed.

A close start wit Japan lower going ahead, Artemis went pretty high but aiming for different angle for their bareaway, Nathan got inside Barker at the reaching mark and both boats continue downwind  , JPN ahead.

At the gate Artemis trailed  JPN but  Nathan had a prefect mark rounding heading upwind with superior speed and angle, both tacked with Percy later calling for high mode to put pressure over  JPN.
With boundaries lights flashing Artemis tacked , JPN followed some mtrs later leaving space for Nathan to get inside and with compromise, forcing Barker to irons & full stop. Penalty requested by Artemis, but jury said all clear , the penalty was not even needed then as Nathan got ahead leaving JPN in the 'dust'.

From then on was Artemis in control , JPN went full speed and forced a split to reduce the gap, still nothing was defined for the last downwind leg, Artemis ahead but a bad gybe slow them big time, Barker got pretty close but Nathan and the Swede team managed to accelerate to regain control of the race and the LV Semi final series.

Barker in the press conference remarked they formed a team in such a short time so he was glad on their performance. They surely had their moments and a fast boat on their collaboration with Oracle, but the team itself with Draper and the rest worked really well , I think they could have won this Semis also.
If Softbank Team Japan continues they might follow  follow New Zealand & Artemis path. Barker might grab his full AC experience, including this short but good campaign and command a team with Jason Waterhouse (JPN team member) as helm & Chris Draper, as a great leading combo on drive and experience towards the next cycle.

Results Friday June 9th
R1 SWE 1 vs JPN 0

Louis Vuitton Semi Finals Results overall
TNZ 5 - BAR 2
SWE 5- JPN 3

Race highlights by Artemis Racing:

Press conference Barker & Outteridge: