Apr 11, 2017

Whispers first meeting @Quiberon

Click images for HD & Slideshow. When speaking of easy foiling the S9 and the Whisper where the first to target ease of flight going for the Moth x2 wand system. On a growing market scenario for foilers of every type we received this great Whisper protfolio sent by Henry White from their first owners gathering at Quiberon who shows a 65yrs old sailor having some serious foiling fun.
Henry White: "Whisper had its first meeting of 7 boats last weekend at Saint Pierre de Quiberon in the brilliant sailing centre ENVSN - (École Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques.

We enjoyed four days together with three days of wind ranging from 5-15knots.
It wasn’t just the wind that varied, we had boats with combined crew ages ranging from 44yrs to 126yrs.
It was great see everybody getting to grips with the Whisper, 65yrs old Dirk from Germany was happy twin wiring whilst foiling downwind. Pretty impressive considering he has only be sailing 15yrs.

It was also nice to get some boat on boat action and close racing, with boats from Australia, Greece, Germany, France and the UK things are looking really good for the class and we a looking forward to our next meeting.
For more info on the Whisper contact White Formula at www.whiteformula.com and read the Q&A we made with Henry : catsailingnews.com/2016/12/whisper-foiler-q-with-henry-white.html