Apr 13, 2017

Team Malingri: Dakar-Guadalupe Record attemtp on a 20' Cat

This 20' foot cat was designed by Alfonso Avilés Ramos from Balance Arquitectura Naval. I have a pending interview with him to publish soon but  long time CSN follower Eugène Philipszoon reminded me that Malingri Team is already in the middle of their Dakar-Guadalupe record attempt. Above video update published today, follow them on the tracker link below:

Text by Eugène : " Vittorio Malingri and his son Nico are currently out there on the Atlantic trying to break Pierre-Yves Moreau and Benoît Lequin’s record from Dakar to Guadalupe in an open 20 ft catamaran.
- Updates: http://newsen.vittoriomalingri.com/
- Tracker: http://vittoriomalingri.geovoile.com/dakarguadeloupe/2017/tracker/?lg=en

They are making a good stab at it they’re currently 100 miles ahead.
- Boat details: http://www.vittoriomalingri.com/EN/team.html#barca