Nov 28, 2016

MOD70s, RORC Transat 2016: Phaedo 3 vs Maserati

Photos: RORC 2016 / - MOD70s Phaedo 3 and Maserati going for the blue ribbon at the RORC Transat 2016. Maserati seems to be using standard MOD70 foil conf. Pity as it was a good chance to see the performance gap between two identical platforms but with two diff modes and foil setups.

Fleet tracking :

Updates by Maserati, they confirm to be using foiling conf ( Main T foil as race pic left shows a rather standard C ama foil):  " Storms, unstable winds and peak speeds of 38 knots. That was the situation Maserati Multi70 left in her wake as she emerged from the second night of the RORC Transatlantic Race. Now at the same longitude as Cape Verde, she is continuing her race north to catch the Trade Winds this evening.

Aboard there is great satisfaction with how Maserati Multi70 is performing on the ocean in flying trim as Giovanni Soldini confirmed this morning by sat phone (at 09.00 GMT): «The boat is doing really well: last night, we foiled for a couple of hours in complete darkness. Flying between the Atlantic waves at 33/36 knots with not even a sliver of moon was quite stressful but we’re happy with how the foils are coping with the long ocean waves».

The current weather situation in the North Atlantic (12.00 GMT) sees Maserati Multi70 still grappling with a weak N/NE airflow that doesn’t get above 15 knots. The coming hours will be pivotal for the Italian multihull which is now 170 nautical miles from the American trimaran, Phaedo3, which took the southerly route and is sailing in a 15-knot E/SE wind.

Soldini explained: «We are trying to pass a bubble with very little wind to position ourselves even further north where the Trade Winds will come in good and strong tonight. They will then stay with us for the next 500 miles as we sail west. Unfortunately, we are slower than anticipated and at south Phaedo3 has more wind than we thought she’d get. But now she’ll have to go north to avoid the dead calm ahead of her. Our paths will cross in a couple of days at around 30°N and 36°W».

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