Nov 29, 2016

MOD70s, RORC Transat 2016: Maserati port hull Foiling only

All pics RORC / JamesMitchell - Pics above (Click for HQ and bigger size)  show the starboard standard setup we described yesterday on Maserati being possibly in floating mode, and their port T rudder and L ama foil. Looking further in their gallery and after reading their own reports you can see now how they are racing with a combo of floating & foiling setups in each ama.
Thanks DL for the shout on this (port side foiling conf) yesterday.

Excerpt of Soldini Team reports: "...The race multihull record to beat was set by Phaedo3 just last year in a time of 5 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 3 seconds. It will be very much a two-boat battle between her and Maserati Multi70 as the latter will be attempting to get the most out of the “flying” L-foil and T-rudder working together on her port side..." Source Maserati Soldini web:

Latest onboard report by Soldini: " ...Giovanni Soldini gave us this snapshot of the situation aboard in this morning’s sat phone link: «We finally got out of the wind-less zone a few hours ago and we’ve started to really eat up the miles: we are making peak speeds of 35 knots on this dark, moon-less night. The boat goes silent when she flies and accelerates like a bolting filly. We’re absolutely delighted with our progress and how Maserati Multi70 is coping on the ocean waves which are much longer than in the Mediterranean. We are managing to foil in conditions that would have been unthinkable until yesterday. I can’t wait for the sun to come up to get a better idea of what’s happening».

- More at
- RORC Transat Live Tracking:
- Below , Giovanni Solidini reports 35knots of boat speed:

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