Nov 28, 2016

Arg Pride & the Art of the Comeback

Photo: / Corinne Dubreuil / Paul Zimmer . If you saw Lange's Medal Race at Rio and yesterdays Davis Cup final, you will get a picture of what Argentines call plain and simple 'Eggs' (guts).
And you need big ones to continue pushing hard till the end. Lange-Carranza & Del Potro & the Arg Davis Cup team are a remainder to that cliche phrase: "never give up" , but never more true and better applied in these incredible achievements that included a lung surgery for Lange and at least two wrist ones for del Potro, beyond winning , yesterday we just wanted Juan Martin to put everything , and he did it big time, win came later after trailing 2-0. Hats off to the entire Arg Team. As a kid Vilas was one of my idols, seeing this generation taking the Cup home it's a great gift a hard working example to follow.

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