Feb 19, 2016

Oracle launches AC45 'T' #3 , new foils & new Wing

All Images Sam Greenfield / Oracle Team USA: Kyle Langford reported today : - "Launched B3 straight into the 40kt club today. The new #AC50 wing has some power!! // --

Wing to the Left is the new AC50 one as indicated by Langford. Wing to the right is former Wing used in the AC45 Turbos (Photo from Feb 15) The AC50 wing is mounted on the 3rd AC45 launched by Oracle.

Below the new L daggerboard , photo also from Feb 15. Compare with last image from Nov 2015, and last pic from May 2015.  The current is one has a huge L. I remember first Oracle L foils for the AC72, they had also the vertical straight section  which was later modified as the foiling stability was not good at all. Now it seems designers are re visiting the hard L concept after the  C/J combo imposed by Team New Zealand. Lots of testing going on at Bermuda on the Turbos.
This AC45 using the 'AC50' Wing above  is not using this L though.

The ACWS Series is being raced in the standard AC45 foiling platforms with OD foils.
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