Feb 18, 2016

Foiling Mini 40s Trimarans: Production Version launched by Ian Holt

Ian Holt has been sending excellent pics & footage from the Perth Mini 40 Tri fleet. Last time I told him why not to build a production version to be sold as the demand is there. Glad he listen and here is his production version launch. Check video below and how stable this foiling RC model flies. You can now contact Ian to have your own Foiling Mini Trimaran. For previous post check the RC Multihulls label.
Ian Holt: "Happy to announce that Holt-Burke now have all the moulds completed for their One Metre foiling trimaran. For under USD580 you get a complete kit of three hulls, 2 laminated cross beams, cases fitted in the floats and a pair of kinked foils. One metre long, one metre wide, it is designed to be a one-piece boat which will fit inside the average family estate car. Whilst a wider beam would undoubtedly increase stability and power, a high priority has been placed on ease of transport, to increase popularity of the class.

Link to latest sailing trials is here. The boat was so stable that it would foil with no hands on the transmitter!

The boat is being produced south of Perth, Western Australia. For further details, please contact Ian at iholtkss (at) gmail.com.