Feb 21, 2016

Bundock & Brouwer foiling As; "Spending a bit of quality time with the wife"

Photo Darren Bundock fb web. - Earlier today I shared in CSN fb a pic from Bundy & Carolijn flying the Exploders at home, The caption said "Spending a bit of quality time with the wife"... which has to be the best ever.

I learned to sail cats with my wife on a Hobie 16, then we got married. Previous to that I windsurf , surf, wake etc. So she knew what was coming. I feel lucky to have her , as I have no complains and full support, while I'm used to see sailors getting barked on the sailing time they get by their wives/girlfriends.

Bundy went another level with Carolijn, being two of the most talented catsailoirs in the World, I don´t see them arguing on the sailing time each of them gets. Carolijn embarked herself last year in the Volvo Ocean Race and Darren was part of Oracle Team USA who won last ACup and campaigned for Nacra 17. Now they will sail Medemblik A-Cat Worlds in July and I hope they can come to Buenos Aires to race the 2016 F18  Worlds too in October..