Oct 9, 2015

Land Rover BAR "T2"

Photos Land Rover BAR:  The 'T2' might be the most heavily modified AC45 to date , comparing to what Oracle & Artemis have done. The cockpit has a wider flare which is affecting transom shape, also the bow deck has been customized. The work done by the teams on the Turbo AC45 versions are showing their plans for the AC48. Designers will rely on every little aspect of the platform as much of the core parameters are fixed like dagger case position & foil overall dimensions

These are the only pics available now, we will wait for more HQ shots in the future for extra details to compare with AR & OR versions. Short 'T2' sailing video in previous AC post : catsailingnews.com/2015/10/bar-launchs-their-ac45-turbo.html

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