Oct 8, 2015

Schionning Design launches G-Force 'ZERO'

In recent years cruising cats have been going through a design update stage towards more stylish inverted bows looks, but functionality is king in this type of boats in my view so a slight reverse profile looks better and keeps volume where is due.  No much images receive for this previeww but this Schionning seems to maintain this concept.    Images Press release sent by Schionning Design - www.schionningdesigns.com.au
September 24, 2015 - Schionning Designs is excited to announce the latest G-Force 1800 SSS
design "ZERO" that was launched earlier this month on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
Built by Ian McMahon of Cure Composites and launched in the Noosa River, ZERO was taken for
a shake-down sail to fine tune the sails and rigging with sailmakers and riggers aboard. With a
chase boat and helicopter, ZERO and G-Force 1800 sister 'KATO' put on quite a show and proved
the performance pedigree of these multihull designs. The happy new owner resides in Australia
and will be using the boat for coastal and extended cruising with family and guests.
'ZERO' displayed impressive performance, speeds ran to 20 knots plus in 13 knots of true wind
with apparent wind at 90 degrees on a reach and then hauling to windward at 13 knots tacking
through 80 degrees. 'ZERO' weighs in with a displacement of 11,000 kilograms.

'ZERO' is built with Cure Fusion panels supplied and router cut in-house by Cure Composites. The
hulls use S-glass with a carbon forward beam and carbon bulkhead caps. 'ZERO' has a carbon
mast and boom supplied by Hall Spars in New Zealand and state-of-the-art sails from Doyle NZ.
Deck hardware by Harken and Lewmar. She has two 75HP Yanmar saildrives with Gori folding

More information on the G-Force Series or Schionning Designs, please visit our website at

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