Jun 19, 2015

Design, Build & Ride II: The New F18

So happy to see this project being built finally. All rather quite on F18 news awaiting for this. First boat was delivered to a German team, but I'm still checking inbox for 'official' images to publish.
Hull Design is the the render you can see above in CSN top Header.
More news & details next week.

This project will bring new life to the F18 , beyond the great success of Kiel 2015 Worlds with 200 entries, that wrapped 'package'  you can see on the left will help to get more boats into the starting line.

It will perform?
Well, we worked towards that goal, and the great asset of the Class is that many different hull lines, foils , sail & mast design combos have all a quite even performance in the end, in any case I will sail it at BA 2016 Worlds without a doubt!