Jun 18, 2015

Design, Build & Ride: Short by Jason Baffa

Surfer Mag, RED Direct Series - Filmmaker: Jason Baffa. What a nice Shortfilm, I can´t embed so watch it at Surfermag. We need more lifestyle clips in the sailing scene, plenty of good stories to tell. I will try to invest in an another cam to shoot 4k this year at Punta Ala and start playing around with clips (Not a RED cam though!). We can launch also a Catsailing Short contest to help promoting the Sport, focused on local stories + good riding shots as can be seen in this film by Jason Baffa showing shaper/surfer Tyle Hatzikian. 

Some of the best Catsailing Shorts to date: 
- A-Class German Nats 2011
- F18  French F18 Assoc
- A-Class North Americans 2015
-  Billy Besson Flying Phantom

Speaking of design & building, today I saw the first image of the new F18, exactly the same as the one featured in the top header render here in CSN, can´t wait to sail it. Waiting now for some 'official' pics to publish and share this great project, more info next week.
Below info on the RED (4k Cameras) Direct Surf Series

From Surfermag :
"Featuring El Segundo surfer and shaper Tyler Hatzikian
REDirect Surf: Eleven short surf films shot on state-of-the-art RED cameras, REDirect Surf is a filmmaking competition to see who can create the most unique and original surf short of the year. It's a celebration of surf filmmaking and a nod to the technology being used these days to document surfing like never before. Eleven filmmakers were given RED EPIC DRAGON camera packages worth $50K to use for the contest, and the winner gets to keep his. These films promise to be the cinematic highlight reels of the year.

Read more at http://www.surfermag.com/redirect-surf/jason-baffa/#QMKUOccCIthHSWo2.99"