May 16, 2015

Florida 300 2015: Day 3

Image:  Full sequence at their web.---
John Case & Colin Page on the Nacra F20 FCS still in command with another 30mins gap in Leg 3.
The info published in reports I've seen at GT300 fb page is that till now legs were mainly upwind. Last one on unstable conditions with the F20FCS power providing the means to get through some lulls and extend lead- 

Read these reports and also check at GT300 FB that Tomko-Billing sadly crashed the FP while beach landing on a wave. Mast broken, they have a spare as reported in same page
Photos at The Beach Cats Fb page & full album at their web

On the overall floating fleet Key Sailing Team leads over the older Nacra 20s and an F18.

- Official Report at

- Official Web
- Day 3 Tracking replay Here
- Leg 3 Foiling boats times below.
- Full Results overall at

Rank Boat HelmName CrewName Fleet Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Rocket Casey, John Page, Colin Foiling Nacra 20 FCS 0.839 04:22:00 05:12:17
2 Lupe Tortilla Tomko, John Billings, Ian Foiling Flying Phantom 0.878 05:10:36 05:53:46

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