May 15, 2015

F18 French Nats 2015, Day 2 Images by Eric Bellande

All Images Eric Bellande / French F18 Assoc - Eric has a really nice history with the F18: At the 2010 Worlds held in Erquy he was on the spot taking some shots on his own, he sent a couple and I started publishing.
Eric continued to sent pics and he ended being THE photographer of that Worlds, with excellent images you can review here.

Take a look at this Fernch Nats 2015 pics by Eric, click for HQ and press F11 for full screen.. Really special ones, and some of the best the Class has seen lately.
Kudos to the French Assoc for hiring him. Eric is a Pro Photographer also in the PWA/Formula/ Freestyle/Speed  Windsurf circuits. Check his web at
FB Page

- French F18 Nats Full Album at French F18 Asoc FB
- Results of Races 1,2,3 at

Not an overall published yet, but Tim Mourniac & Pierre Yves Durand are leading (Pic above with C2/Red Spi). with 2,2,1

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