May 16, 2015

A-Class French Nats 2015: Images by Denis Lucci

All Images Denis Lucci - Click images for slideshow. Complete album -  Gallery also at "Denis Lucci Sports" fb Page
Micky Todd led after 3 races on Day 1, Results at .
No update for Day 2 yet.

Speaking of the A Class health the French Assoc continues to show its power as in Bordeaux 2014, now with 55 boats

on the lineup for this 2015 Nats.

Consider the French F18 Nats has 26, although the F18 is quite in good health with 200 boats for Kiel 2015 and the French F18 Assoc is the biggest or one of the big 3 in  members nrs in the IF18CA.
This remark only to show current A-Class status in France at least.

The French A-Class Assoc also is classifying boats in 'Classic' ranking, and I think is Ok , as the US fleet has some diff rankings also and everyone race together in these current accelerated R&D times. No need to create another fleet if you can have this additional or parallel ranking, Respect to the French A-Cat sailor & Assoc for going this way as it is not easy to handle this special development Era we are experiencing.