Apr 15, 2015

FP & A-Class weekend Training @BA

All Images MV / Catsailingnews.com - Perfect weather conditions but no racing on Sunday neither, as many had arranged to race on Saturday when the Long Distance was cancelled by the race officer on weather conditions.

As Carnac is coming in a few weeks, we will have to wait until then to see the first clash between the FP & Nacra F20FCS after the Texel 2014.
This time FP will have their own fleet and I've been informed Nacra will have some boats too, along the reported Clinic they will provide on April 30th.

No racing in BA but an excellent sailing session, getting young guns like Pablo Volker (420 World Champ, AC Youth, 2x F18 vice local) to learn handle and fly the A.(2nd pic above) 

I have a group of talented kids here wanting to go for a Moth, and I'm telling them to let go the easy flying path and choose the challenge and skills needed nowadays to get an A-Class going to its optimal performance.

Moths are great machines, but quite impractical for our waters, a guy here is going out with a support boat every single time he goes out: Calm weather? Rib along, Low tide? Rib as it is impossible to sail or even go back to club. Too much wind? Rib to disassemble and go home with Moth over rib...
That is a total contrast on the ability to sail the A in 5 mins and endure any of the conditions mentioned above without any support boat by your side. Here in BA if you go for a Moth , also put a rib on your budget and a guy to follow you around!

The FP also had a great session, upwind is a rocket, (check first pic above) I followed them with a 4 stroke 60hp alone, I was going like racing powerboats jumping waves airborne for meters to catch them! Unbelievable speed. F20s didn´t went out until we came back pretty late.

So we will need to wait for the Eurocat 2015 to see first real clash , they will only race together in the Long Distance, for Course Racing the FP will have heir own course a la Americas Cup, and the F20 will race interseries.